Many injuries and illnesses are not easily diagnosed with the naked eye, especially in the Veterinary world where our patients cannot necessarily tell us what is wrong. Diagnostic tools play an essential and significant role in our medicine to evaluate what type of medical treatment is necessary for your pet. Here at Napa River Pet Hospital we offer a wide range of diagnostic tools with state of the art equipment for in-house diagnostics and send out lab services. All here to manage your pet's health in a variety of ways. 

In house diagnostics that we use are multiple blood profiles with our Abaxis system, to stains, cytology and cultures. Many of them can be preformed with almost instantaneous results to promptly inform you of your pet's medical condition. 

We utilize Antech Diagnostics and IDEXX Laboratories for our out house lab work, which can include blood tests, urinalysis, cultures, histopatholgy and much more.