Dr. Elizabeth Tenborg DVM


Dr. Tenborg is a veterinarian and public health scientist trained at the UC Davis School of

Veterinary Medicine. Her experience working with the One Health Initiative at UC Davis

and desire to make impactful contributions to global health policy led her to join the Food

and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations during her veterinary training. After a

successful campaign supporting the post-eradication efforts for infectious viral diseases of

livestock, Dr. Tenborg graduated, and joined a task force led by the USDA and the California

Department of Food and Agriculture to support emergency containment operations for a

highly contagious viral disease affecting poultry and other birds in California. Her

experiences as a Reseach Fellow of Comparative Medicine at the Stanford School of

Medicine, and studying the regulatory mechanisms of zoonotic infections, and as a Health

Policy Intern at the State Senate of California, have galvanized her commitment to lead new

initiatives that translate research findings into deliverable therapeutics that help medically

underserved and at-risk groups globally.