Dental disease is very common in animals over the age of 3. Routine dental care is considered a staple of pet care in order to aide in the prevention of periodontal disease. The body is one giant connected highway, that starts at the mouth, so dental care, just like other medical care, is very important to overall well being and a happy life. 

Many issues within the mouth can indicate, and even cause other health issues inside the body. Plaque and calculus solidifies on the teeth over time, which is nearly impossible to remove after it accumulates without professional equipment. 

During our dental procedures, we use an ultrasonic scaler to safely remove this buildup, we polish the teeth just like human dental assistants! 

It is common that many of our patients need tooth extractions during these procedures. We can fully ascertain the viability of your pet's teeth using digital X-Ray technology. 

Rest assured your pet is extremely safe during our dental cleanings, which are scheduled daily at the hospital. 

Regular dental cleanings are recommended based upon the condition of your pet's mouth which can be evaluated by a veterinarian. 

Healthy pets are happy pets!